There is no limit of options when it comes to laminate flooring installations in Vancouver. There is a wide range of choices because laminate is essentially multiple materials fused and sealed together to form a hard, durable surface. This surface is then cut into pieces and prepared for the use in residential or commercial properties. Any design or grain can be printed onto these floor boards, since, unlike hardwood, they are not made of real wood. Stone and tile are another popular choice and a much cheaper alternative to the real thing. Let’s break down the many different installation types, finishes and durability levels of laminate flooring.


Glueless Click

A simple, clicking mechanism that ensures quick and easy installation without the use of toxic glues and chemicals. Some laminate floor boards also come with a pre-attached underpad.

Glued Laminate

This option requires manual gluing of the joints upon piecing them together. The final result is a very strong and stable floor although it is much more time consuming than a glueless click system.

Pre-Glued Laminate

Pre-glued laminate comes with glue already on the joints, with only water required to activate the glue upon piecing the boards together.



A general embossing/all over texture not matching to the grooves of the printed grain. This gives the look of a natural wood grain, although not the most realistic.

Embossed in Register (EIR)

This embossing matches up to the grooves of the printed grain exactly, and gives a very realistic wooden texture.

Hand Scraped

Originally only available for engineered or solid hardwood flooring, this adds a unique antiqued finish to your laminate. In hardwood, this process can be done manually, or purchased on existing floorboards.


Glossy laminate comes in different degrees like low, medium or high gloss. It looks like a layer of varnish and has a mirrored look.

AC Ratings

The AC Rating of laminate tells you how durable it is to the different levels of traffic it can endure. The higher the rating, the more traffic it can endure and the higher the price. The levels go as follows:

AC1 Moderate Residential

  • Built for low traffic areas in residential spaces, like bedrooms or home offices.

AC2 General Residential

  • Built for moderate foot traffic areas like dining rooms or living rooms

AC3 Heavy Residential/Moderate Commercial

  • Built for all residential spaces seeing heavy foot traffic like kitchens. This option is also great for kids or pets. It can also be suited to small commercial spaces seeing light use/foot traffic.

AC4 Moderate Commercial

  • This option is built to withstand all levels of residential wear as well as commercial spaces with light – moderate foot traffic like small commercial offices or hotel rooms.

AC5 General Commercial

  • Built to withstand general commercial use in places like restaurants or cafes, retail shops or offices.

AC6 Heavy Commercial

  • Built to withstand places like schools, public buildings and department stores.

It can be hard to pick when there are so many options, but with our expert team and knowledge at Vancouver Mouldings and Floors, we can make the whole experience a little less overwhelming. Make sure to contact us if you have any questions! If you seek further information about laminate flooring installations, visit the product page for details and pricing!

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