There are a multitude of things to consider when choosing the right laminate flooring for your kitchen. The combination of all of these factors can make or break the practicality and aesthetic of your home and it may also do the same to your bank account. Today, you can choose between organic, real wood or realistic-looking laminate flooring in Vancouver. Both options leave you with results that are beautiful and durable. 


Choosing flooring for your kitchen that is practical is essential. Cleaning up stains, chasing after your kids or pets making sure they don’t scratch the floor with their nails and legos isn’t something you want to be doing on a regular basis. Here are some things you may want to factor in when making your decision:

Is your choice of flooring easy to clean?

  • If it’s textured, food and dirt may build up within those grooves and make it difficult for you to clean
  • Laminate flooring requires sweeping, vacuuming or dry/wet mopping for good maintenance
  • Solid hardwood floors (or engineered) require regular cleaning with a special floor cleaner that will preserve the integrity and finish. If any harsh chemicals or cleaning products are used, the wood can dull and the finish can damage.

Does it stain easily from food or liquid spills?

  • Laminate is water-resistant and won’t absorb liquids and stain (unless left uncleaned)
  • Hardwood absorbs liquids much faster, thus, making it much more susceptible to staining

Does your home get a lot of sunlight?

  • Laminate will not fade from direct sunlight which is ideal for long-term
  • Hardwood fades over time when exposed to direct sunlight

Is resale value important to you?

  • Laminate will not add much resale value to your property
  • Hardwood, however, will add a significant amount of resale value

Do you live in a hot or humid climate?

  • hardwood is an organic material that “breathes,” and will respond to changes in temperature or humidity by warping or bulging. In warmer more humid climates, engineered flooring is preferred.
  • Laminate is resistant to moisture or fluctuations in temperature and is preferred for kitchens and bathrooms

Is being eco-friendly important to you?

  • Laminate floors are multi-layer and synthetic. They are made of composite materials, melamine and resin bonded together at high temperatures using various toxic glues. While they are far from being organic, they do not contribute to the loss of trees.
  • Hardwood floors are 100% organic, however, not very eco friendly considering the amounts of trees used to produce them

Eco-friendly alternatives

  • You can find a number of eco-friendly laminate flooring options that do not use toxic chemicals in the production process
  • You can also find hardwood flooring that is comprised of reclaimed or recycled wood, a great eco-friendly option


When you are flooring that will compliment the tones and style of your home, there are a few factors to take into consideration.


  • It ages gracefully over-time, gains character and can be restored with a stain
  • No two planks will look the same since due to the natural variation of wood grain and texture
  • Large range of texture and colour options are available


  • Repetition is unavoidable because laminate is essentially a high definition photograph
  • Can often look “fake,” although some high quality laminates are mimic real wood brilliantly


Hardwood is the considerably more expensive option ranging from $7.00 – $12.00 per square foot, while laminate ranges from $1.00 – $7.00 per square foot, not including installation costs. If cost is an issue, opting for laminate may be the better option and a way for you to get a realistic wood look without the price tag. If shelling out the extra bucks for some real hardwood is a possibility, it can be a great way to add longevity, resale value and organic character to your home.

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