Laminate flooring has become very popular for the last 15-20 years in all over the world. However, people still have a lot of questions related to this kind of covering. So, we decided to devote this article to answer the most popular questions about laminate flooring.

You would ask us……


…about the quality of laminate flooring.

Some people may still think that laminate flooring quality is not as high as the classic hardwood floor. But in fact laminate flooring is just a different product made of sheets of different materials instead of solid wood. This is the main difference between laminate and hardwood floor. Therefore, we cannot compare them as equal products, both have pros and cons depending on customers ’ preferences. So, answering this question we are expecting you to ask us……

…what is laminate flooring made of?

As we said it is made of different materials, it could be plastic, but not necessary. Mostly the last layer of laminate flooring is made of real wood, so when stepping on the floor there is a feeling that it is a real wood floor with lodes.

…how to place it?

One of the biggest advantages of laminate flooring is simplicity of placing. Basically you can do it yourself or hire someone, but in either way it is going to be easy and quick process. Sometimes people don’t want to remove the existing floor and prefer to place the laminate floor over the old one. It may totally take place, in this case it is just necessary to make sure that it is levelled enough. And, of course, it is most commonly to use the laminate flooring once placed.

…is it good for bathroom and kitchens?

Definitely yes, but certain ones. As we said, laminate flooring may be made of different materials and not all of them are humidity resistant. So, there is no place for the feeling that wood and water don’t work well together. The main thing is to chose the correct laminate flooring made for resisting humidity and water drops.

…about cleaning.

Laminate flooring is much easier to clean and maintain than a real wood floor. We have a certain article about maintaining this kind of floors. But if something happens to one of the planks (broken, old or just bad looking), you can just replace that one easily and cheap, without replacing the whole floor.

…how long does it last?

The typical warranty of laminate flooring is 20-30 years of domestic use. After this period of time you may just replace it instead of sanding as you would do with the hardwood floor. In terms of money spent, it is just a little portion of that amount, which you would pay for a hardwood floor.