When you have pets, accidents can happen at any time. You may like the look of a hardwood floor but it may not be able to withstand the enthusiasm of your beloved pet. That’s why the best flooring for pet owners is laminate flooring.

There’s no question that laminate flooring is the best wood flooring for pet owners. It’s highly durable—far more so than your average wood floor. Ordinary wood flooring tend to cost more, despite not being as durable, which means that it will be very expensive to repair—or more likely, replace—wood flooring.

And there’s another important thing about laminate flooring that’s related to its durability: it’s scratch-resistant.

Dogs and cats both have claws and these claws can scratch and dent wood floors. Even dull claws can still scratch the surface of wood floors. But because laminate flooring are scratch-resistant, you won’t have to worry about this.

Aside from durability, the reason why this is the type of flooring for pet owners is the fact that laminate flooring is quite easy to clean and it also has better protection against moisture than ordinary wood floors. Laminate flooring also doesn’t collect hair or fur, which will definitely help you when it comes to cleaning.

Still, as every pet owner knows, anything can happen. And a rainy day can mean paw prints all over your laminate flooring.

How to clean muddy paw prints from laminate flooring

If the mud is dry, vacuum tends to help. Others have stated that sweeping can be just as effective, but vacuuming tends to be faster and far more effective than sweeping.

If the mud is still wet, use a microfiber mop along with a cleaning product made for laminate floors.

Its durability, scratch-resistance and being able to handle moisture better than ordinary wood floors means that laminate flooring is the right flooring for pet owners.

(Image source: Stocksnap.io)