It’s easy enough to think that the preparation for laminate flooring installation in your Vancouver home will take no time at all. However, one of the main things that you should check before the installation is whether or not the surface of the subfloor is even.

It’s important to note that the surface on which you will install your laminate flooring needs to be totally flat. If the surface is uneven, the laminate flooring will bend to the shape of the surface underneath.

To make sure this doesn’t occur, the subfloor needs to be levelled. This is usually done by using a self-levelling compound. There are types of self-levelling compound that are specially designed to be used on wooden floor. So if the subfloor that you wish to prepare for laminate flooring installation has wood that has sagged because of age—especially in an older Vancouver home—you can use a liquid self-levelling compound.

Before all this can happen, however, you should make sure that the floor joists and the underlayment for your laminate flooring are secured. It’s also essential that you repair any weaknesses before the self-levelling compound is poured onto the surface.

You should walk around the area to find and boards that sound squeaky or seem loose. You should secure the floor boards to the joists below them. This can be done by using a nail or a screw. Also check if there are any nails that have come loose.

If all of this has been done, the first time to do is to make sure you clear off any dirt or debris from the floor. Just a quick sweep and vacuum should do.

Then, it’s just a matter of applying the self-levelling compound to any dips on the surface and making sure the areas that have been patched are even with rest of the surface.

The subfloor will be flat and ready for laminate flooring installation by the time that the compound is dry.

Preparing your floor for laminate flooring installation may take time—even if you don’t have an older home in Vancouver—but even concrete floors can be uneven as well. But if you don’t have this particular problem, then installing your laminate flooring should be relatively simple. If you have any questions regarding laminate flooring or laminate flooring installation, please send an email to bclaminate@gmail.com.