Acclimate Your Laminate Flooring in Vancouver

Laminate flooring is made out of multiple layers of wood by-products that are merged together. Because of this, laminate flooring expands and contracts depending on the humidity in the surrounding area. This means that the flooring needs to acclimate to the conditions in the room.

What happens if you don’t let your laminate flooring acclimate?

If you install your laminate flooring in your Vancouver home without giving it time to adjust to the humidity inside the room, then ridges will form in the joins of the laminate flooring. The boards themselves will expand and push against each other. This may lead to permanent damage to your boards. And even when the boards begins to contact, there’s a possibility that they won’t regain their former shapes.

How long should you let your laminate flooring acclimate?

It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the time. Typically, the recommended time is two to three days. However, it really depends on the manufacturer.

When taking the advice of others with regards to how long to acclimate, please keep in mind that even in the same house the conditions in different rooms may vary, let alone in a room that’s in a completely different house. So, if a friend states that it only took two days for their laminate flooring to acclimate, don’t assume that the conditions will be the same for your laminate flooring in your Vancouver home.

How to acclimate?

Bring the boxes of laminate flooring into the room where the installation will take place. Spread the boxes around the room, flat and side by side. Be sure not to open any wrappings around the box or the boxes themselves.

Make sure that you keep the boxes away from exterior walls and also from heating and cooling vents.

It’s important that you have the temperature of the room be at “normal” room temperature. So if you normally turn on the heating in the room or if you use air conditioning, switch them on while your laminate flooring acclimate to the room’s conditions.

Once your laminate flooring have adjusted to the conditions in your home, then you’re ready to start laying down your flooring.