You’ve installed your engineered flooring in your Vancouver home! Now it’s just a matter of caring for your flooring. Follow these tips for maintaining Engineered flooring.

Be careful of spills

Take care to clean spills as soon as possible. Though engineered flooring may not have a solid core like a hardwoord floor, both types of flooring are the same in that whatever liquid that was spilled will seep between the boards. This will cause the boards to expand and morph the edges. It can also create spots.

Clean Rugs Regularly

While it’s true that rugs can protect your flooring from scratches or scuffmarks, it also acts as a dirt trap. If you don’t clean under the rugs regularly, the dirt underneath can scratch your floor each time someone walks on your carpet.

Use a Microfiber Mop

Avoid using cotton string mops because of its high water retention. Sponge mops also have to be relatively wet for it to be effective. It doesn’t help that it also pushes water into the gaps between the boards each time it’s pressed.

Microfiber, however, has the cleaning power that you need but doesn’t retain water the way the other two types do. The microfiber will also be able to clean dirt without scratching the finish to your flooring.

Sweep and Vacuum

Sweeping the floor using a broom with soft bristles will get rid of dirt and dust that can scratch the surface of your engineered flooring.

For smaller dust and dirt particles, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. These particles usually gather in the floor joints and in any gaps.

Keep Clean

Aside from moisture and dirt and dust, you should also make sure that you keep pebble, sand and glass fragments away. Cleaning your rugs regularly will help keep these types of materials from being stuck underneath and scratching your engineered flooring.

Avoid certain floor cleaners

There are a number of different products that should never be used to clean your engineered flooring. Never use acidic products—don’t use vinegar, avoid cleaners that have ammonia, abrasive chemicals or soaps, any type of bleach, furniture spray or wax, and avoid water-based waxes.

With the tips listed above, you can help your engineered flooring last longer in your Vancouver home! If you have any questions regarding engineered flooring or any other types of flooring, email us at bclaminate@gmail.com. See the types of engineered flooring available at our store in Vancouver.