If you are getting ready to add flooring to your new building, and would love that beautiful wooden finish, then you have to pick engineered flooring – Vancouver as a city has made a consensus. While at first, it may seem logical to just say “oh, I want wood flooring, so I’m just going to pick hardwood flooring”, but let us tell you why that’s a bad idea.

First, traditional, pure hardwood flooring is weak and can snap compared to the superior engineered flooring Vancouver loves. Engineered flooring is reinforced by a board of harder material (which isn’t shown when finished) to give you a regal look without sacrificing stability.

Second, hardwood flooring shrinks and expands when exposed to the heat and cold. This causes the installation to be a headache by all but the most skilled (and expensive). Engineered flooring does not have this expansion/contraction problem, however, allowing you to easily snap it in place without worry.

And third, with regards to buying engineered flooring – Vancouver has much cheaper engineered flooring due to using manufactured, reinforced materials rather than pure wood.

All of this makes engineered flooring a much more appealing material to use compared to pure hardwood flooring and why Vancouver has overall taken to engineered flooring for their flooring needs.

However, one minor problem you do have to watch out for is the potential for out gassing, which is when gases from manufactured materials such stains and topcoat creates toxins in the atmosphere. This can be avoided by buying your engineered goods from a green and trusted company such as Vancouver Mouldings and Floors, who’ve been satisfying all flooring needs in Vancouver since 2002.

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