You’ve done it! You’ve finally purchased that house in Burnaby. And after all the design choices that you’ve had to make, you’ve decided on laminate flooring for your Burnaby house. But now you’re mulling over what kind of design will you have for your flooring.

What type of pattern should you use? Would you be able to mix and match patterns? Should you?

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of colors and patterns. And you can be free with your creativity by mixing and matching different patterns. Of course, you should keep in mind that having a complex pattern would also mean that laying down the planks will be tricky.

You also have to be sure that the sizes are compatible. Otherwise, you will have to cut some of the planks in order for them to fit.

One way to make sure that the sizes are right is to buy them from the same manufacturer.

Before you start making wild patterns on the floor, you should probably make sure that you’re aware of the rule of thumb of making sure the size of the pattern fits the size of the room. Smaller patterns are more suitable for smaller rooms whereas larger patterns are suitable for large rooms.

However, there are actually laminate flooring tricks you can use for the smallest room in your house in Burnaby.

In fact, here are some tips on how laminate floorings can help you ignore how small a room really is:

  • Light-coloured, straight-lined laminate floors make room seem bigger.
  • Make sure that laminate are slightly darker than the walls.
  • Find furniture with slender feet so it won’t block your view of the floor. More visible floor = room looks bigger.
  • Lay panels parallel to the longer sides of a room. It will help in “lengthening” the room.

However which way you wish to decorate your home—be it in Burnaby or elsewhere—you can be sure that laminate flooring will not only make life easier for you but you can use it to enhance the overall design of your house.