Are you constantly running out of your stock of laminate flooring? That’s no surprise, the elegant look and the low cost makes them some of the most popular flooring options available. However, if you are going to restock your supply at a store over and over, it can really cut into your profit margins and cause you to not be competitive in the market price-wise. That’s where buying wholesale laminate flooring comes in.

Wholesale laminate flooring is when you buy your stock in bulk from importers who keep a healthy supply locally. The benefits are pretty hefty, but you also need to watch out for potential pitfalls. Make sure you know all about wholesale laminate flooring pros and cons!


The price is obviously the biggest pro of buying wholesale laminate flooring. First, you are buying from an importer, which means that this is the lowest price you can get aside from buying from a factory yourself (which may actually cost MORE due to shipping and storage costs). Second, you can often negotiate a deal about buying in large quantities for a discount. For someone who offloads laminate flooring at a good pace, this is a no-brainer deal.

You can also be confident in your very consistent offering. Nothing disappoints a customer more than when they point to a product and you tell them you ran out. With buying wholesale laminate flooring, you have a dedicated and, pending on your deal, automatic stream of supplies rolling in to replace the ones you just used up. Even in emergencies, you can trust your importer to have a healthy supply in storage somewhere for you to access. Nurturing your relationship and trusting your importer is very important!


You have to be careful you aren’t biting off more than you can chew. Since you are working with a larger load of laminate flooring when you buy wholesale, you have to ensure that you are able to move the product at a reasonable pace or you’ll end up with a large backload, costing you not only profit but also up your storage costs.

Make sure you buy from a trustworthy vendor. Your entire stock of laminate flooring will be based from that company’s stock, if there’s any problems, it will be compounded to all your customers at once. Make sure your wholesale laminate flooring vendor is selling quality products.


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