Flooring in Vancouver

How Flooring brings value to the home

How many products in your home to you physically and emotionally connect with on a daily basis? Personally, I can maybe think of 2: My Coffee Machine, and my Engineered Hardwood Flooring. There has been ongoing debt over the question; will adding new flooring increase the value of my home. The answer is: Depends. I believe there are different variables that go into answering this question. Many of which have to do with the geographic area of your home, the price of homes in the area, and the personal preference of the individual buying the home. An article posted on Houzz.com suggests that hardwood flooring does bring higher value and makes a house easier to sell. That being said, the cost of installing real hardwood flooring usually costs more than the value it brings, returning you a negative ROI.

Technological advancements in the process of manufacturing Engineered Hardwood Flooring has made it near impossible for an untrained eye to determine a different between installed Engineered Hardwood and Real Hardwood flooring. Both can be sanded and refinished as they both have an element of real hardwood (top layer or solid hardwood). At a much more competitive price, Engineered Hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home, while returning a better ROI than Real Hardwood flooring.

The market of flooring in Vancouver has a wide range of flooring quality with large companies selling very low quality flooring. At Vancouver Moulding and Flooring Inc. our Laminate and Engineered Hardwood Flooring come from some of the best flooring manufactures in the world. Our buyers regularly travel overseas to examine the manufacturing process to be sure they follow strict manufacturing processes to allow for the highest quality rating available.