So you’ve decided to choose laminate flooring for your next housing project (smart choice!), but when doing your research online, you see pricier, fancier European made laminate flooring to the left and cheaper non-European laminate flooring to the right. Which should you choose that will please both your eyes and your wallet?

Here are a few factors that just might help those on the fence about this decision.


This is probably the quickest and most obvious way one decides what type of laminate flooring to use; no one wants to break their piggybank after all. With lowered labour costs and Laminate flooring from China will definitely be cheaper than European made laminate flooring in Vancouver such as those from Germany or Switzerland. However, if you look solely towards pricing for your decision, you are going to have a headache way down the line.


Say 3 years later, you notice the top wood decorative layer is peeling off for your flooring (which is ridiculous!) and you try to claim your warranty. You call up the shop and they give you the number to the factory with the guarantee. *Ring ring* “I’m sorry, the number you have dialled is out of business. You should’ve bought from a more reputable company. Have a nice day.”

Laminate flooring originated in Europe, and Laminate flooring companies such as Krono has been around since 1897. This is not a company that will close down any time in the near future, giving you confidence in your purchase and ease of mind. If anything were to happen, a quick visit to their website will find their triple guarantee claim form. Doesn’t that sound much more comforting than buying from generic Asian laminate flooring company B?


In recent news, Chinese-made flooring hasn’t received the best of reviews. Just last year (Oct, 2014), one article by global news titled, High levels of formaldehyde found in Chinese-made floors sold in North America, has an expert quote “We went into a retail store and grabbed a sample, tested it and six out of eight flunked”, and presented a lawsuit filed against Lumber Liquidators for the amount formaldehyde found in their Chinese-made laminate floors. While Lumber Liquidators deny the allegations, and it might not be true, just the buzz around these types of floors’ safety could be enough to make one reconsider.


Similar to brand vs off-brand discussions, laminate flooring technology was developed in Germany before it passed over to Switzerland and then finally China. European Made laminate flooring companies on average have been in the business for longer and have more polished techniques, allowing them to offer better warranty and safety, leading to more customer confidence in their products.

Please note that these are general guidelines and does not encompass all companies within their regions. There are high-quality Chinese-made laminate flooring and also low-quality European-made laminate flooring.

Do your research before making your informed purchase. Alternatively, for guaranteed quality and more information, visit BC Laminate. With experts on the subject, they can help you with everything from picking the right product to installing your new laminate flooring. Contact us on our website for more information on European-made laminate flooring!