Thanks to innovations in the engineering and design of modern-day laminate flooring, not to mention the superior finishes, today’s laminate flooring if just as durable as hardwood flooring- at a fraction of the cost! Here are our top 10 reasons to choose laminate flooring.

Reason 1- The price is right!:

Compared to other types of flooring surfaces, laminate flooring is one of the most cost effective ways of covering almost any flooring surface in your home or office. Not only the physical cost of the product itself, but also installation and long-term care and maintenance costs, as well. Laminate floors provide a variety of options for a variety of budgets.

Reason 2- Looks and feels just like real hardwood, and can resemble stone, marble, and granite:

Laminate manufacturing technology has come a long way since the first laminate floors were introduced in the 1980’s. They can resemble almost any type of flooring surface, at a fraction of the cost.

Reason 3- Ease of install:

Compared to other flooring options, laminate floors are easy to install, and provide a variety of installation options (nail, glue, or floating style installations). Snap and lock (tongue and groove) glue-less installation is fast and easy, and the laminate doesn’t need to acclimate like real hardwood. Floating floor installation eliminates the cost of nailing and adhesives, and a handy do-it-your-selfer can generally install the flooring in a day. In addition, laminate flooring comes pre-finished, so once the planks are laid into place, the floors are ready to use- no sanding, sealing, or staining required.

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Reason 4- Laminate floors are adaptable with various sub floors:

Laminate floors can be adapted to almost any type of sub-floor so long as they are clean, dry and level. It is particularly a strong choice in areas where there is a high moisture content or where flooring cannot be nailed down (for example concrete). Laminate flooring can be installed directly on wood sub-floors, granite, tile, linoleum, and vinyl.

Reason 5- Laminate flooring is easy to maintain and clean:

Laminate flooring is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Regular maintenance includes simply dry mopping or vacuuming, and cleaning up spills and stains is easier than ever. Even hard to remove stains like grease, tar, lipstick and wine are no match for today’s laminate flooring. Let’s see a carpet do that.

Reason 6- Durable and scratch resistant:



Unlike other traditional flooring systems, like hardwood and tile. Laminate floors are pre-treated with a durable (hard and compact) scratch resistant wear layer that protects the floor from scuffs and scratches that will leave it dull looking. In addition, both the upper and lower layers are water/moisture resistant as well, making laminate flooring the perfect solution for not only high-traffic areas, but also for kitchens, bathrooms and even in a basement.

Reason 7- Laminate floors are Eco-friendly:

Because many of today’s laminate floors use composite materials for their core layer, this material can be recycled from wood waste that would normally end up in landfills and dumps. In fact almost 75% (in some cases) are made from recycled material. You can feel good about your decision to install laminate flooring, knowing it didn’t harm the environment.

Reason 8- special tools are not required for install:

There is no need to buy or rent special tools to install laminate flooring, nor do you need to hire a high-priced contractor to do the job. In fact most do-it-yourself enthusiasts have had little or no trouble doing it themselves. Main tools needed are a hammer, saw (preferable a jigsaw), tape measure, crowbar, paint scraper, pencil, and spacers (more tools required if you are opting to nail or glue the floor in place). If you want to try by yourselves you can get some tool kits from here.

Reason 9- Laminate is inexpensive to maintain and replace:

If you just bought a house and don’t like the existing laminate, it is easy to pull up with little damage and replace. In most cases, thanks to glue-less and nail-less installation, the snap and lock tongue and groove planks aren’t damaged with the un-install and can be resold online, or to dealers as well.

Reason 10- Laminate is designed for heavy traffic and it can handle the most abuse:

Floors are meant to be walked on, so why would you put down flooring that didn’t stand up to heavy traffic? Laminate is made especially to endure repeated wear and tear, and even has a wear layer to prevent scratches and scuffing. Carpet, and hardwood can’t boast that kind of durability.

We hope you have found by now top 10 reasons to choose your flooring, let us know your experience and drop a comment so we can answer your queries. More to come keep reading.