The Swiss Group Krono, known worldwide for laminate flooring solutions, providing tough, eco-friendly options are known globally for their exceptional manufacturing quality and longevity. The Krono line of flooring includes a wide range of products branded under Kronotex, Kronostar and Kronopol.

Kronos is a world leader when it comes to laminate floors, and compared to the competition, Kronos flooring is stronger, and more durable. The reason for this is that Kronos exclusively uses only High Density Fibreboard (HDF) to generate the supporting core layer, whereas most other flooring manufacturers opt for the lower-quality, less durable, medium density material (MDF). The result is that Kronos products are much stronger and longer lasting than the competition- providing the ultimate value for the money spent.

In addition, Krono also employs the use of wood chips gathered from debarked pine and spruce in the core layer- which provides consistent, high-quality, uniform coloring throughout. Using HDF also allows for higher temperatures and pressure during the compression stage of manufacturing- allowing for an exceedingly tighter compacted, (significantly stronger) finalized HDF product (this is something that cannot be done with MDF).The result is one of the strongest, most durable flooring products on the market today.

Krono is ideal wherever natural hard-wood flooring are unsuitable (like in basements, or atop of cement or concrete). Kronos flooring are easy to install, and maintain. Krono floors are extremely hard-wearing, and their long-lasting construction requires the bare minimum of routine care and maintenance. Thus allowing you exceptional beauty for many years to come.

Built using Swiss craftsmanship, who are known for their excellence in working with wood- expertly building and crafting homes, furniture and flooring, Kronos flooring systems log cabins and expertly crafted wooden furniture, Krono laminate flooring replicates this Swiss craftsmanship and experience to manufacture the highest quality laminate flooring on the market today.

Unlike typical hardwood flooring, Krono laminate flooring is dent, scuff, and scratch resistant. It is exceptional in homes with children and pets, as well as ideal for installation in areas of moisture like kitchens, playrooms, and basements- also unlike hardwood- Krono flooring repels moisture.

Despite Krono laminate flooring’s reputation for durability and strength, it is also unexpectedly affordable. Krono manufactures and offers flooring solutions across all price ranges- but it should be noted that quality and long-lasting products offer far more long-term value. So whether you are looking for a flooring solution for the home, or a commercial solution for a restaurant, or office, Krono has the right flooring to meet the wear- and tear needs of any residential or commercial space.

Krono flooring is the perfect combination of strength and versatility and it provides magnificent visual appeal. It has the ability to provide any room with stylishness and a distinctive air of richness that is difficult to equal.

The varied range of designs and colorsprovide a variety of selections to fit most color schemes in your home or commercial space. Your choices are unlimited with Krono laminate flooring.