Price: $1.79 sqf
Residential warranty: 15 years
Commercial Warranty: 2 years

Our Vansfloors Line of Laminate Flooring provides a wide range of 12mm laminate flooring solutions at an economical price- without compromising on quality or style. This series of flooring offers 8 different décor types, including Olive, Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, and Oak. They are E1 Certified, and have an AC3 classification.

  • Oak is one of the most popular non-exotic wood species for hardwood and laminate flooring, and color varies depending on the type of oak emulated (red or white)- as well as stage in between.
  • Mahogany is rich with color variation ranging from medium brownish/orange to dark brown. Graining is wavy and opens up the room.
  • Walnut (Black or American Walnut), typically has fine, linear graining; with a rich deep color profile leaning towards chocolate brown- which adds warmth to almost any room.
  • Maple flooring is usually pale, creamy-white with slight shade differences across the surface. Boards often contain a range of brownish/black mineral streaks and the grain is almost invisible ranging from straight lines to curly patterns.
  • Cherry Flooring exhibits wonderful graining and color, with natural color variation from board to board and its warm undertones.